B.Sc (Pure Science): 

B.Sc: Bachelor of Science – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Botany and Zoology

Duration: 3 years full time course divided in 6 semesters
Eligibility: H.S.C.(12th std.) any stream
Addmission Procedure: Direct Admission basis on Merit List

B.Sc (Chemistry):

The field of chemistry is of great importance in our day to day life. It is commonly referred to as ‘The Science of Matter’ .Once a candidate comes out successfully as a degree holder in B.Sc Chemistry they have various options for the future.

Job opportunities after B.Sc Chemistry:

Laboratories, Manufacturing and Processing Firms, Testing Laboratories, Utility Companies, Waste-water Plant, Medical Laboratories, Oil Industry, Petroleum Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Chemicals Manufacturing Companies etc…

Higher Study Option after B.Sc Chemistry:

M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry, M.Sc. Drug Chemistry, M.Sc. Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, M.Sc. Physical & Materials Chemistry, Master of Business Administration (MBA) etc..

B.Sc (Physics):

Physics Graduates Also Moving to Careers outside of Science popular areas including space and research as well as electrical industries find information on employers in engineering and manufacturing information technology, science and other job sectors

Higher Study option After B.Sc (Physics):

condensed matter physics, electronics, nuclear, space, material science, earth science

B.Sc (Zoology):

Zoology is that branch of science which deals with the study of the animal kingdom. The branch deals with the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct.

Job opportunities after B.Sc Zoology:

Arachnology, Entomology, Mammalogy, Neuroethology, Myrmecology, Malacology, Primatology, Herpetology etc…

Higher Study Option after B.Sc Zoology:
Master of Science in Marine Zoology, Master of Science in Zoology with specializations in Medical Microbiology, Master of Science in Zoology, Master of Philosophy in Zoology, Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology etc…

B.Sc (Botany):

Botany essentially deals with scientific study of plant life and development. In India, botany is one of the most preferred science subjects. Botany includes a wide variety of scientific disciplines which study fungi, algae, plants, diseases, growth, metabolism and structure between different groups.

Job opportunities after B.Sc Botany:

Phytochemistry, Plant anatomy, Plant physiology, Plant ecology, Plant systematics etc…
Higher Study Option after B.Sc Botany:
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Botany, Master of Science in Botany, Master of Science in Botany and Forestry, Master of Science in Applied Botany, Master of Science in Herbal Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Medico botany etc…

B.Sc (Mathematics):

There various options available for B.Sc Mathematics graduate to pursue their higher studies. Details of best higher studies options for B.Sc Mathematics graduates are given below.

Job opportunities after B.Sc Mathematics:

Software, Insurance, Market research, Banking sector etc..

Higher Study Option after B.Sc Mathematics:
M.B.A, M.C.A, C.A etc…